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Actors Fund


AIDS and Adolescents Network of New York


Austin Area Comprehensive HIV Planning Council

Austin / Travis County Health and Human Services Department

Body Positive, New York


Bronx AIDS Services


Clark County Health District

Coalition for the Homeless


Community Resource Exchange


Dallas County Health and Human Services

Dallas HIV Services Planning Council

Dallas Health Services Delivery Area Consortium

Fortune Society


Foundation for Research on Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC)


Harris County Health Department

Harlem Directors Group


HIV Resource Group


Hetrick Martin Institute


Human Resources Services Administration (HRSA)


Houston HIV Service Delivery Area Care Consortium

Houston Area HIV Services Ryan White Planning Council


Indiana State Department of Health

International HIV/AIDS Alliance


Jamaica/SE Queens HIV Network


Jane Addams Peace Association


Las Vegas EMA Ryan White Title I Planning Council

Latino Commission on AIDS


The Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services

The Los Angeles County Commission on HIV Health Services

Los Angeles Family AIDS Network


Medical Health and Research Association of NYC, Inc. (MHRA)


Mid-Hudson Region HIV Care Network


Multnomah Country Oregon Health Department

New York City AIDS Fund


New York Organ Donor Network


New York Mayor's Office of AIDS Policy Coordination


New York Public Library


New York Academy of Medicine


New York AIDS Institute


Oregon State, Oregon Health Division

Roche Pharmaceutical


The Resource Group

Ryan White Title I Planning Council of Houston, TX

Sacramento HIV Health Services Planning Council

San Francisco HIV Health Services Planning Council

Staten Island AIDS Task Force


Support Center of New York


Westchester Department of Health


Clients' Comments

In terms of knowledge and experience, the staff at PCH had a superior grasp of the public health field. At the local level, PCH displayed a strong ability to communicate with a very diverse group of individuals --- crossing many socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic distinctions. In general, these skills --- knowledge, experience, and the ability to communicate well --- all contributed to both an excellent work product and a rewarding work relationship.
Jeff Jordan, Grants Manager, Dallas County Health and Human Services

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PCH has been an indispensable partner in helping the Oregon Health Division and our community partners understand the needs of PLWH/A in Oregon. PCH staff are dedicated, well-educated, able to work well with diverse groups of clients and constituents, and highly professional. Not only was PCH a very able contractor for our work, but they also wrote a successful grant to HRSA which will bring resources into Oregon to further our understanding of the needs of our clients. I am very pleased with our work with PCH to date, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.
Michael J. Stark, Ph.D., Director, Program Design and Evaluation Services, Oregon Health Division and the Multnomah County Health Department

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With a limited timeline, PCH worked collaboratively with our staff and interns and with their technical expertise we were able to recode our existing surveys. PCH analyzed the information and provided a thorough and practical document to be used by management in decision making and planning.

Ms. Lucia Orellana has been our primary contact at PCH and has been highly accessible and competent. From my experience working with her, I strongly recommend PCH for their ability to produce highly organized and finely crafted products with a limited budget and with a tight timeframe. Barbara Davis, Director of Human Resources, Actors’ Fund

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PCH developed a database and resource guide for the Statewide AIDS Service Delivery Consortium (SASDC) that included updating service and target population information.

Despite a much more extensive updating effort than was anticipated, PCH delivered the Guide and Database, managed to convert the complex Contract Management System into their database, and produced a cleanly formatted guide from over 100 different data fields.

PCH’s database technical skills, report writing skills, and analytic skills, plus their expertise in HIV prevention and care would recommend them highly for developing a database that would review, analyze and report data that identified agencies, populations, and areas of high HIV prevention need. They are among a handful of groups that we have worked with who have both database development, statistical analysis skills and substantive HIV/AIDS knowledge.

Dr. Cohen has built PCH over the past few years from a one-person not-for-profit TA provider to a team of consultants with excellent technology and database skills, combined with an ability to produce highly organized and finely crafted products. I recommend them highly for this project. Don Lee, Bureau of Special Populations, AIDS Institute

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PCH developed a complex relational database that reviewed over 116 different HIV/AIDS needs assessment and documents, and they designed and conducted an analysis of needs and barriers by region and subpopulation.

The database design for the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Needs was complex. While there were some technical difficulties, PCH, and particularly Mitchell Cohen, worked many hours to assure that the database delivered what we needed. PCH’s staff is qualified and we highly recommend Lucia Orellana. She is very talented and easy to work with.

The documents reviewed for the SCCN had to compared and analyzed data from diverse sources. Dr. Cohen participated with a team of consultants and was instrumental in developing the conceptual basis of the database and analysis. His knowledge of HIV/AIDS and conceptual abilities to summarize data are excellent. The ability of the database to sort and analyze data are evident in the SCSN document.

We have found PCH responsive to our demands and they have shown the time and dedication to producing a quality product. Mona Scully, AIDS Institute

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There are few research and TA organizations in New York who can provide the mix of database, analytic and technical skills that PCH brings to the table. David Klotz, AIDS Policy Coordination, Office of the Mayor

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PCH clearly has the expertise in HIV/AIDS prevention and care, the database development, and analytic skills to successfully complete the HIPS project.

In the TA Outcome project Dr. Cohen and PCH showed an ability to combine high level conceptual and analytic work, with rapid coordination of community based providers for participation in focus groups and surveys. Based on information collected in both statistical programs and databases, PCH completed a highly detailed analysis. In working with the Office of the Mayor, PCH has always expended the extra effort to assure that its reports are well written, clearly formatted and well presented. In fact, I have used their report as an example of an excellent product in classes I teach at Columbia.

Dr. Cohen and his staff are accessible and competent. I recommend them highly for their integrity, expertise, and commitment to the HIV/AIDS community. Jo Ann Schop, Office of the Mayor

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Through the years that PCH has worked with the Commission, they have shown their high level of expertise in designing culturally competent questionnaires and focus group outline, in English and Spanish. Their approach and deliverables indicate their strong theoretical approach and analytic writing ability coupled with knowledge and sensitivity to the needs of diverse communities.

There are few research and TA organizations who can provide the mix of theoretical, analytic, technical skills in a culturally sensitive manner which PCH offers. I highly recommend them for the quality of their work, their knowledge of HIV/AIDS, their analytic expertise and their commitment to the community. Julia Andino, Director of Programs, Latino Commission on AIDS

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