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Management Information Systems (MIS)

Not-for-profit organizations can greatly increase their effectiveness and efficiency by using their own data to assess and monitor their programs, and querying data bases available on-line to provide information to their staff and clients. This requires an integrated MIS system that automates and integrates in-house client information and access to the Internet.

PCH believes that the infrastructure of an organization should consist of an integrated database that permits data to be captured, analyzed and reported. Additionally, planned sharing of data between agencies can greatly reduce the red tape experienced by many clients, reduce redundancy, and improve quality of services. Along with the benefits of shared data come the necessity of assuring the confidentiality of the client. Current systems can be designed to provide high levels of security, and this has to be a priority in designing MIS.

Creating a seamless information flow in and between organizations requires working with an organization's management and staff to understand data needs and flows. Based on planned information and data needs, the most effective hardware and software configurations can be specified and implemented. This assures that the MIS system captures and reports information that meets internal and external program and management reporting requirements.

PCH and its technology partners:

  • Install and support workstations and networks
  • Configure Internet, e-mail and scheduling software
  • Customize client intake and tracking databases
  • Provide technical assistance on desktop/network configurations for Windows and NT
  • Design and implement backup systems
  • Provide hardware sales and leasing
  • Provide software sales
  • Provide computer training either in classroom or individually.



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