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Planning & Development
PCH assists not-for-profit community based organizations develop and sustain their vision by:

Writing grants and proposals Top

PCH assists organizations to conceptualize programs and bring planning and budgeting processes to proposal writing. The end result is a well-constructed proposal that includes detailed program objectives linked to program activities and budgets that provide the foundation for ongoing monitoring of the proposed projects.

PCH's efforts in proposal writing and fundraising strategies have permitted organizations such as Hetrick-Martin Institute and the Latino Commission on AIDS to sustain and expand their services and ensure program and staff continuity.

PCH works in collaboration with partners in writing proposals or charges fees for writing proposals.


Conducts strategic and tactical plans Top

PCH facilitates strategic planning or long-term planning processes with not-for-profit organizations. We start with a process that identifies internal strengths, weaknesses, and both internal and external opportunities and threats (SWOT). Facilitators work with the organization to define a mission and values. Based on the mission and values, long- and short-term goals and objectives are established.

The tactical planning process can be applied to the short-term goals with the end project being a planning and budgeting document that is a blueprint for action.


Facilitates budget preparation and planning Top

PCH guides community based organizations though the process of establishing or modifying a chart of accounts that reflects their overall mission and goals, introduces time tracking and time management, and trains organizations in strong fiscal management skills. As an end product, organizations integrate their planning and fiscal functions with the result of greater organizational accountability.



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